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5 short film festivals to submit to in 2024

Updated: Apr 5

Do you have a short film, music video, or visual project you are looking to submit to a film festival? We've put together a list of some of our favourite short film festivals to submit to this year.

Here is a selection of independent festivals that we feel reflect our social enterprise values, and have a focus on diversity and inclusivity, or on helping aspiring filmmakers who are just starting out in the industry.

1. Novella Film Festival

London, running since 2022

Novella Film Festival poster 2024

Novella Film Festival brings together short films from different genres and diverse perspectives.

With a strong focus on quality storytelling, NFF aims to uplift untold stories from communities that are underrepresented both on screen and behind the camera, as well as empower filmmakers with high value cash prizes.

Novella is entirely not-for-profit and is run and supported by Klatch Studio.

You can read about previous years' success stories here:

Submissions open until October 14th, event taking place December 7th 2024

2. Cardiff Mini Film Festival

Cardiff, running since 2012

Cardiff Mini Film Festival

Cardiff Mini Film Festival is a grassroots short film festival that aims to champion low budget films and help early career filmmakers break into the industry.

The festival takes over unusual venues throughout Cardiff, be it a disused shop unit, a shopping centre basement or a masonic hall, to screen their shortlisted films, as well as to host special one-off screenings of cult classics.

Submissions open until August 10th, event taking place November 24th 2024

3. Film Pride

Brighton, running since 2018

FilmPride Film Festival

FilmPride is a queer film festival that is run as part of Brighton & Hove Pride, one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world. Hosting screenings throughout the city and taking place at the heart of the Fabuloso in the Park festival, FilmPride brings together short films from diverse genres and perspectives that explore the many facets of LGBTQIA+ experiences.

Submissions open until May 31st, event taking place August 1st - 4th 2024

4. Bristol Independent Film Festival

Bristol, running since 2017

Bristol Independent Film Festival

Bristol Independent Film Festival is one of the fastest growing indie festivals in the UK, and celebrates independent filmmaking from around the globe.

BIFF selects and screens films from a diverse range of storytellers, championing creativity and community among filmmakers.

Submissions open until October 17th, event taking place December 14th - 15th 2024

5. Mansfield Town Film Festival

Mansfield, running since 2023

Mansfield Town Film Festival

Mansfield Town Film Festival brings together a diverse array of short films from different genres, with a focus on working-class talent from across the country and internationally.

Categories range from fiction to doc to animation, as well as spotlighting different perspectives, like “disabled/neurodiverse voices” or “women’s voices”.

Submissions open until May 1st, event taking place July 26th - 28th 2024



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