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Ilona Mahieu shot her music video using both our studios, filming one day in the Infinity Cove studio and the next day in the Black Box studio.

Watch Ilona Mahieu's music video 'RIBCAGE' here:

Ilona and her team used the Infinity Cove studio for the all-white instrument scenes, and the Black Box studio for some great UV paint shots and glow-in-the-dark makeup effects.

Check out Ilona's music and follow her here:

Behind the scenes from Ilona's shoot at the Infinity Cove studio:

Behind the scenes from Ilona's shoot at the Black Box studio:


Ilona left us the following review:

"My experience with Klatch Studios has been an absolute breeze. Becka was so friendly, helpful, and communicative, and was incredibly accommodating and flexible to my needs during two shoot days. Prior to my booking, she gave me a tour of the studios and explained all the amenities available, and quoted a very reasonable rate considering the quality of the space. On the first day, we filmed in the white infinity cove studio, which Becka had cleaned and prepped for us so it looked brand new despite having another shoot in that space only the day before.

The green room is super cosy, with plenty of comfortable seating, a kitchen area, large mirror, and even a changing area and clothes rack, as well as plenty of power points and space to spare. You have access to a brilliant lighting rig, as well as your choice of coloured backdrops, props, set pieces, furniture, etc, all for a really low hire price.

There's good parking (a miracle in London), and there were places to get food only a 5-minute walk down the road. On day two, we filmed in the blackout studio, which prior to booking I found so incredibly difficult to find a suitable space - this was absolutely perfect, and it also came with its own green room area. Becka helped us move our equipment and props from one studio to the other, and let me store them at the studio overnight before, between, and after the shoot days - this made the logistics of travelling and transporting the team in and out of London so much easier.

Overall, it's a brilliant and beautiful space, being run by lovely and well-organised people who clearly have a love and passion for creativity. I would happily recommend Klatch studios to anyone."

Credits Track Credits:

Engineer & Producer - Ryan Wood (105mm Studios)

Vocals - Ilona Pointeau

Guitar - Jack Williams

Guitar & bass - Mark Fifield

Drums - Emma Taylor

Video Credits:

Visuals - Jacob Punter

Direction - Ilona Pointeau, PB Darmanin, Nerys Nabbs

Skeleton - PB Darmanin

Demon - Nerys Nabbs

Vocals - Ilona Pointeau

Drums - Emma Taylor

Bass guitar - Mark Fifield

Guitar - Ryan Wood

Guitar - James Evans

Makeup & body paint - Ilona Pointeau

Shoot Assistant - Katie Tanner

Claw rings - NightSkyCraft (Etsy)

Location - Klatch Studios, London, UK


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