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What is an Infinity Cove?

Also known as an infinity wall, infinity curve, cyclorama or cyc wall, an infinity cove is a curved, seamless backdrop designed to create the illusion of a never-ending horizon. This effect is achieved by constructing a curved wall that merges seamlessly with the floor, eliminating any visible corners or edges. The result is a smooth, uniform background that appears to go on "infinitely". Infinity coves are incredibly versatile and have a wide range of uses in both film and photography.

infinity cove studio at Klatch Studio West London
Infinity Cove at Klatch Studio, in our Studio 1

Why use an infinity cove for your shoot?


One of the main benefits of an infinity cove is that it allows you to create a seamless background for your subjects. This means that there are no harsh lines or corners. The curved shape also allows for more creative freedom, with the ability to create unique angles and perspectives that aren’t possible with flat backdrops. Depending on the size and shape of the cove, it can also be used to create different levels of depth.


Another advantage of using an infinity cove is that it allows for a greater degree of control over lighting. Because the wall is seamless, it creates a continuous surface for light to bounce off, which can help to eliminate harsh shadows and create a more even, diffuse lighting effect. This makes infinity coves particularly popular for fashion and product photography.


As well providing a clean seamless look, an infinity cove is also a very versatile backdrop that can be used to achieve different creative effects. Changing the colour of your lighting is a popular and effective way to create different moods, and can be achieved by simply using coloured gels or filters on the lights. Changing lighting can be a simple and cost-effective way to give yourself completely different backdrops to shoot against, without the need for complex set designs or expensive equipment.

Other ways to creatively use an infinity cove include projecting custom patterns or videos onto the wall with a projector, playing with silhouettes and shadows, experimenting with mirrors, reflections, and forced perspective. Another advantage of using an infinity cove is that it can be used to create the illusion of a much larger space, making it ideal for creating expansive landscapes or other large-scale scenes. When combined with clever camera angles, set design and other visual effects, the infinity cove can be used to create immersive and realistic environments.

Compared to other types of studio backdrops, infinity coves are often more cost-effective and easier to set up. They require minimal equipment and can be adapted to suit a range of different requirements, making them a popular choice for both professional and amateur shoots.

infinity cove studio at Klatch Studio West London
Infinity Cove at Klatch Studio

Our Infinity Cove at Klatch Studio

In Studio 1 at Klatch Studios, we offer an L-shaped infinity cove that measures 8m x 8m and is 3.5m high. It is painted white as standard, but can be painted to any colour on request, which is ideal if you need a large background in a specific shade to match your brand colours.

Our cove comes pre-lit with 5 ChromaQ LED Space Force space lights. These are high-performance LED lights designed to provide even, soft lighting over a large area. They use an innovative diffuser system to distribute light evenly, removing the need for skirts or silks, eliminating hotspots and shadows and providing a soft, natural-looking illumination that is perfect for use with an infinity cove. They're more energy-efficient than conventional fixtures, using less power and producing less heat. They're also easy to control - you can adjust the temperature and brightness of each light individually on our DMX panel.

With its spacious shooting area, levelled floor, and pre-rigged LED lighting, our infinity cove at Klatch Studio offers a versatile backdrop for your next shoot.

See how our clients have used the cove for their shoots - check out our Shot @ Klatch case study series on our instagram or on our blog.

infinity cove studio at Klatch Studio West London
Using a colorama on the infinity cove


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