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Why shoot in a Black Box studio?

In Spring 2022 we opened our second location, Klatch Studio: Black Box. The Black Box is our full blackout studio designed to provide a unique and versatile space for all kinds of shoots and events.

Why choose a black box studio for your next shoot?


Firstly, an all-black studio provides a dramatic atmosphere that can add depth and contrast to your shots. The dark backdrop can create a sense of intimacy or mystery, perfect for capturing a mood. In addition, the black background allows for greater focus on the subject, drawing the viewer's attention to the foreground. With careful lighting you can achieve an infinite black background behind your subject, particularly useful for abstract or surreal effects, but also great for product or close-up documentary shots to really make your products and props stand out.


A black studio is an ideal environment for controlling lighting because it provides a blank canvas for manipulating light sources. With black walls, ceilings, and floor, the only light that exists in the space is the light that is intentionally introduced. This allows for precise control of light sources and eliminates unwanted reflections or bounce-back that can occur in a reflective environment. Additionally, a black studio can be easily transformed into a completely dark space, which is necessary for certain types of photography, such as long exposures or light painting.


Another benefit of an all-black studio is its versatility. The dark background can be easily transformed with the use of lighting, props, and set design to create a range of different moods and effects. From high-contrast shots to minimalist compositions, the possibilities are endless in a black studio.


Klatch Studio's Black Box is a well-equipped all-black studio designed to help you achieve the perfect shot. The studio features serge wool blackout drapes to ensure complete control over lighting, as well as a range of lighting options including spotlights, Fresnels and Alu Hex Par LED lights to help you create a variety of effects. The space is extremely versatile, making the Black Box well suited for a range of shoots, including fashion, beauty, and product photography, music videos, dance performances, and plenty more.

See more about our Black Box studio including rates and a full list of features.


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