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Artist shy gui shot his music ground for 'Off Ground' in the Black Box studio at Klatch Studio. Watch the music video here:

Here's what the team had to say about their shoot in the Black Box studio:

"It was the perfect space to set the backdrop of the 1960’s space age-inspired sets, popping with hues of orange and yellow into a black void.

We used anamorphic lenses to further develop the psychedelic aesthetics of the genre-bending soundscape. This further disorientates the viewer and immerses them in a setting where they can feel something isn’t quite right.

The stripped back set design worked well to create the feeling of being in a void, and allowed for quick pans that gave the illusion of a continuous shot in post-production. The selection of props readily available at Klatch made the set design process smoother, and helped build a retro world with an ironic twist: an era when humanity dreams about technology advancements, yet is unaware how much people’s lives will be invaded by it.

The void that was created on set perfectly tied together the feeling of technology blending into our reality, highlighted by the artist’s encounter with his digital alter ego. Shy gui’s persona was brought to life as a practical hologram, captured fully in camera with no additional VFX."

Behind the Scenes Photos:


Producer Anna left us the following 5-star review:

"Shooting in the Black Box at Klatch Studio has been an amazing experience; the facilities were in great condition and the staff has been incredibly helpful and attentive throughout pre-production and on the shoot day.

The studio also offers a selection of in-house props at great prices, which was invaluable for our shoot. I would highly recommend booking!"

See more behind the scenes in the video below:

You can find shy gui here:



Artists – Lou Robinson & Masha Vukicevic

Director & Producer – Anna Boronea @annaboronea

Production Assistant – Joshua Brook McGrath

DoP – James Furr

1st AC & Steadicam Op – Sam Kemp

2nd AC – Elena Carciog

Camera Trainee – Jordan Sclater

Editor – Stefano Moscone

Colourist – Will Arcinas

Set Dresser & Stylist – Ishavishali Chandrakumar

BTS & Promo Photographer/Videographer – Chloe van der Klaauw

VP Technician – Mara Rosianu

Technical Artists – Liam Wedge, Callum Henry & Mark Pilborough-Skinner

VFX Artist – Callum Henry

Special thanks to – Klatch Studio, Novella Film Festival, Garden Studios, Window Zebra Media, Joel Gosby, Zoe Jones

Off Ground goes live at 6pm on the 30th May 2024, and you can listen to it below:



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