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Soundproofing Studio 3

What goes into professionally soundproofing a studio?

Studio 3 is our newest film studio, soundproofed to 60DB and professionally finished. To create the studio, we upgraded and converted an old warehouse building.

We designed the studio to be suitable for recording live audio, so one of the most important steps in the conversion process was professional soundproofing.

Warehouse studio before soundproofing
BEFORE: warehouse space

Soundproof film studio at Klatch
AFTER: professional sound studio

What was the process behind soundproofing Studio 3?


First a brand new roof was installed. Over the top of this was laid a layer of Silent Roof material which counteracts the sound of rain falling onto the roof, which is often a cause of noise disruption in non-soundproofed warehouse studios.


Any gaps and cracks between adjoining walls, roofs or beams were filled in, and covered with an insulating rubber.

Next a steel stud wall structure was built around the whole perimeter of the studio and filled with layers of Rockwool insulation and multilayered plasterboard.

installing sound walls to soundproof a studio
Sound walls being installed

How sound walls work to soundproof a room
Explanatory cut-away of sound wall composition (courtesy of TV Studios Group)

A suspended ceiling was also built using the same methods, leaving us with an entirely boxed-in insulated studio space within the external building structure.

Door blanks were all chosen for their acoustic and insulation properties. A rubber butcher's curtain was added on the outside of the load-in shutter as an extra barrier to external noise.

Warehouse studio with soundproofing
After sound wall and suspended ceiling installation


A quilted acoustic fabric barrier system called ABS was then installed on top of the sound walls to improve and reduce internal reverb.

ABS is a class A sound absorption product consisting of a foil glass cloth with a reflective back surface to provide an acoustic, thermal and condensation proof barrier.

ABS material being used to soundproof the studio
Quilted ABS material being installed on top of the sound walls

a soundproofed studio
Finished studio with ABS

So how soundproof is the studio?

The completed studio is soundproofed to an overall level of 60DB, meaning it meets the professional standard for a soundproofed studio.

The term 'acoustically treated' can also be used, however this is a looser term which is often used to describe studios which may have some acoustic measures like foam panels but which have not undergone a full soundproof fit-out.

Studio 3 is specifically designed for recoding live audio so works well for interview shoots, short films, commercials, youtube videos, and more.

a soundproo
Klatch Studio 3: Sound Stage

You can find more information about the soundproof studio on our website here, or follow us on Instagram to see how our clients use the space.

With thanks to TV & Film Studio Group for their hard work on the studio soundproofing and fit-out.


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